Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First 2010 Challenge: Books A-Z; Authors A-Z

I'm going to be brave here...I'm signing up for Becky's A-Z Challenge where you have the option of reading books that start with the letters A-Z, authors A-Z, or both. I'm going for both which means I must read 56 books to complete this challenge. I am still working on my lists for the challenge so this is subject to change. I have completed the book one (although I reserve the right to change the titles I read!). I will post the author one once I complete it. I'm trying to choose from books that I already have lying around waiting to be read. My book list is:

A All Together Dead
Beat the Reaper
C Calamity Jack Completed 1/8/10; Club Dead
D Dead Until Dark
E Emmy's Equal
F From Dead to Worse
G Green Completed 1/9/10; Godmother
H He Who Sings Last
I I Can See You
J Jillian Dare completed 1/1/10
K Keeping Faith
L Living Dead in Dallas
M Murder in the Magick Club
N No Mad
O Offseason
P Push

R Ransomed Dreams
S Saving Ben
T The Anti-Alzheimer's Solution
U Unconventional
V Valley of the Shadow
W Water Signs

Y Young People and Chronic Illnesses

Does anyone have any suggestions for letters Q, X, and Z? I'd be happy to hear them! What are your reading plans for 2010?


A Anderson, Caroline
B Burns, Dan
C Checketts, Cami
D Dekker, Ted completed 1/9/10
E Efaw, Amy
F Franklin, Darlene
G Gruver, Marcia
H Hale, Shannon & Dean Completed 1/8/10Harris, Charlaine
I Iding, Laura
J Jeschke, Melanie completed 1/1/10
K Klassen, Julie
L Lang, Maureen
M Moffie, Sam
N Newstrom (Fun Minute Manager)
O O'Bryan, Kim
P Picoult, Jodi

R Rose, Karen
S Sapphire
T Taylor, Jenifer

V Vida, Nina
W Winfield, Jess

Y Y'Barbo, Kathleen

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