Saturday, December 12, 2009

99 Bible Promises for Tough Times by Randy Peterson

99 Bible Promises for Tough Times (99 Ways) 99 Bible Promises for Tough Times by Randy Petersen

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This is a quick reading devotional book that offers up 99 different Bible verses with a short little quip about each one. The reader might choose to take 99 days to read this book and have a short 1-2 minute devotional each day. The reader may also want to pick a particular area and study it for a specific purpose. The topics included are:
When you Face Financial Difficulties

In Time of Poor Health

When You Have Anxiety or Conflict

When You Struggle with Sin and Guilt

When God Seems Far Away

Challenges in Your Work and Service

When You Lose a Loved One

Many people are facing multiple difficulties right now, and many of them are addressed in the topics this book presents. This would be a great gift idea for anyone on your list since we all struggle with one or more of these things at any given time.

Thank you to Waterbook Multnomah for providing the review copy of this book.

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