Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are You Looking for Answers?

I hope this note finds you well. I'm dropping this note for a specific reason, but first I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Something exciting is happening for me during this Christmas season and I wanted you to be among the first to hear. The company I work with is sponsoring the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl on Monday, December 28, in Shreveport , LA. Football may or may not be "your thing", but for me it's about more than football. There are two reasons I am so excited about this. First, this is the first time in history that a company like ours has sponsored any bowl game. ESPN estimates that about 11 million households will be tuning in, so that means lots of exposure for us. If you watch the game, you'll see Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints boasting about our products. For those of you who don't know, Drew Brees is rated the #1 quarterback in the NFL. Wow - that's clout! He will be especially promoting our best seller Spark Energy Drink. I love drinking a Spark to get me going in the morning and then again in the afternoon to make it through the rest of my day! It’s great clean energy that never leaves you feeling like you’ve crashed out!

Second, I am excited that the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA BULLDOGS will be playing in this game! The Dawgs and the Aggies (Texas A & M) will be kicking off at 5 pm eastern time.

During the game, everyone watching will have a chance to go online and get a free sample of Spark. Millions of Spark samples will be headed out across the country. I am asking that if you see those commercials and hear about Spark, PLEASE THINK ABOUT ME AND CONTACT ME INSTEAD! Leave a message with your email address in a comment about this post and I’ll be sure you have your Spark!

Of course, since I’m working with AdvoCare, I’ve got the inside track and I’m offering every person I know a FREE sample of Spark Energy Drink before the game. That way, when and if you catch Drew Brees on a commercial "bragging" about Spark, you can "brag" that you knew about it before most of the country. In fact, we believe that Spark is one of "America 's best kept secrets" and you've got the opportunity to try it BEFORE THE INDEPENDENCE BOWL. Simply reply back to this message with the address you'd like us to send it to and it will be on its way.

Also, if you know any Texas A&M fans or UGA Dawg fans, will you please direct them to this message? In fact feel free to forward it to anyone you know who would like extra energy also. I JUST ASK ONE FAVOR, IF YOU FORWARD THIS PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIEND THAT YOU KNOW ME.

Thanks for letting me "pound my chest" - we're truly excited about what this means for us and for AdvoCare. When you hear about Spark and AdvoCare on TV, if it "sparks" any interest at all, PLEASE THINK ABOUT ME. I would appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!



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  1. Just popping in to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  2. I would definitely like to try this!

  3. Sheila (Bookjourney)December 25, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    Great post and Spark sounds good! Merry Christmas!