Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book Review: Love by the Yard by Gail Sattler

This is a super sweet book about an abused widow with two small children and her landscaper. Oh, yeah, and a crazy dog named Boffo!! For some reason, Boffo is my favorite character in this book. He's absolutely hilarious and I found myself with bated breath wondering what antic he was going to enact next. That's quite a bit coming from a non-big dog lover. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs...I just don't want to be around when they jump up on me or lick my face.

Anyway, back to the story....

Poor Brendan can't get any work done with Boffo around and Shanna can't get any work done with the kids underfoot and, of course, Boffo. Somewhere along the way, a compromise is made between Shanna and Brendan which changes the course of their lives.

What's Boffo's greatest antic? It's the last part of the book....but don't read the last chapter first like some are known to do (ahem...Ali!)

If I were to ever have another son (not likely to happen...I already have plenty of children) I would want to consider the name Brendan. I like the sound of it!!

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