Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

This week's "Wonderful Woman" is my dear daughter Melody. She is a huge asset to my family and her daddy and I love her dearly. She just found out this past Monday that she has completed all the requirements to have finished homeschooling at the tender age of 17! I am so proud of what she has accomplished and how hard she has worked to be finished with high school already. She is a great all around Christian young lady. She has been known to help out at church on Ladies' Days, she occasionally fills in to teach a Bible class, and she's a great babysitter. Last I knew, her plans on to now study for her SAT and prepare for college with a major in criminal justice.

She enjoys reading and is one of the main reasons I got back into reading. We share many common interests in reading and she's stacking up books for me to read faster than I can read them. She also enjoys playing virtual computer games, talking on the phone (what teenager doesn't!?!?), and riding 4-wheelers. She's most looking forward to what she's getting for her graduation gift, but I can't say because she will read this!

Do you have a wonderful woman in your life? Why not leave a comment about her!

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