Monday, June 8, 2009

8 Years of Wedded Bliss!!!

Today is a day that I celebrate!! Today marks CDH (cool dear hubby) and I's 8th wedding anniversary!! We had a wonderful day together. I have always wanted to play golf but have always been the caddy or the babysitter. Today, he and his dad took me to play golf for the first time. I actually got to play!!!! :) :) :) I was so excited!! I am definately not going to go pro anytime soon but I had a blast!! We played 18 holes and it was just wonderfully great fun!! After we got back from playing our rounds of golf, we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Texas Roadhouse. Now we are spending time with our younger children until bedtime (we stay up REALLY late!!).

I want to encourage all of you newlyweds out there to tough it out. Our 8 years haven't been the easiest but we have made it this far!! I love DH with all my heart for all infinity!!

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