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Book Review: Critical Care by Candace Calvert

Critical Care (Mercy Hospital) Critical Care by Candace Calvert

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You know you're an ER nurse when:

1. You're never late for work, in fact you come in 20 minutes early (see #2)

2. You are vigilant and diligent in making sure everything is stocked before your shift starts.

3. You can handle seeing an overwhelming amount of tragedy in one day.

4. You are addicted to coffee and/or diet coke and you're an incredible multi-tasker.

5. You believe in standing up for what is right, even it you have to stand up to the doctor barking orders at you.

6. You care more for your patients than for yourself.

7. You see yourself as a rock...nothing can affect you.

8. You learn to live without lunch and bathroom breaks.

9. You despise critical incident teams coming in to counsel you when they weren't there to see what you saw. Remember, you're a rock.

10. You work for Dr. McSnarley.

I really, really, really enjoyed this book!!! Coming from a nursing background, I understood a lot of the emotions covered in this book. I've been through the horrible shifts, losing patients, long hours with no lunch or bathroom breaks, Dr. McSnarleys...yet it is so rewarding!!

At first I was afraid this might be a book much similar to an episode of House or ER but it wasn't. I don't watch medical shows because they don't "get it right". Mrs. Calvert relied on her medical background to accurately describe the goings-on in an ER. It was written as if you were standing right there, looking onto the gurney, smelling the smells, hearing the beeps, blips, whirs, and stirs. I had a very hard time putting this one down and I look forward to other books to come in this series.

Claire just took on a job at Mercy Hospital and had her eye on the new Clinical Educator position. She was definitely qualified and on top of that, she was trained in critical incident stress management.

Erin is the top notch charge nurse who really cares for her staff. She works just as hard as they do on top of organizing Faith QD and a variety of fundraisers for the hospital.

Sara is a work horse and Erin's right hand. Sara is always early to work, meticulously checking to make sure all the equipment is in stock and functioning properly. She's a rock and is one of the most dependable nurses in the ER.

Then, well, there always has to be at least one...Dr. McSnarley...oh, pardon me, I mean Dr. Caldwell (Coldwell?). There's a complaint file on him a mile wide with the Chief of Staff but Dr. McSnarley is such a competent doctor that no one dares to get rid of him.

There's a horrible tragedy in the ER one day that brings all these people together...and changes lives forever. Through mutual sharing of woes, laughing, crying, and oh yeah, that much NOT needed critical incident stress management, the reader can see how taking care of oneself really is Critical Care. Just how do they do it? Well, you'll have to read it to see. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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  1. Julie--I'm thrilled that you enjoyed CRITICAL CARE, and think your "You know you're an ER nurse" list was spot on! My goal is to entertain and encourage all readers, and honoring medical heroes is very near to my heart. Thank you for all that you do! Drop by my website: in July I'll be having a "Show Me Your Scrubs" contest for a drawing to win a Starbucks card--you know we need our coffee! :-)