Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

Today's Wonderful Woman is a co-worker and someone who is becoming a great friend!! Jenna F. is a wonderful woman for so many reasons!! She is one of nine children, a business ed teacher, and is newly engaged!! I'm so excited for her and her future husband!!

Jenna was a first year teacher this past school year. She came in the middle of a semester to fill a void and I think she did just spectacular!!! She's fun, energetic, and the students really love and respect her. I look forward to working with her more this year as she will help me to co-advise our National Technical Honor Society students and I will also help her with her industry certification.

She loves to read and play volleyball, and of course, spend time with her future husband. I'm so looking forward to her wedding and all the great things to come in her life. She truly is a Wonderful Woman and friend!!

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