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Book Review: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

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Grab a copy of this book and then meet your girlfriends for a book study!! Wow, this book was amazing! I loved the story (not fond of what the characters did) and found some similarities in my life (without the affairs!!) Something Borrowed reminds me a lot of [movie: My Best Friend's Wedding] and I have read similar reviews that say the same.

This was my first real chick lit book and I loved it from the first sentence! Emily Giffin has a witty way of drawing her readers into a what could very well be a real life story. I envisioned this, as I was reading, being played out in a movie. I think I would want to see Matthew McCaunaghey play the part of Dex, with Julia Roberts as Rachel (she's got to get some [movie: Pretty Woman] kicks!), Jennifer Aniston as Darcy and Robert Pattinson as Marcus. I might change my mind if I saw them all together but this is how I envision it now.

I feel a strong urge to call one of my besties just to talk about this book. It brings back some memories of high school and life afterwards. While I didn't have a situation entirely like the characters in this book, I had something close and similar to some respects. Nothing like looking back and talking about some of the stupid things you do as a younger person!! This book helped me to realize that all the high school stuff is just that...high school stuff! I am still friends with my best friend since 3rd grade (Love ya Val) and have forged other great friendships since college.

Something Borrowed is a very fitting book for a discussion, especially considering there are great review questions in the back of the book. If anyone would like to discuss this one, feel free to leave comments!!

Be truthful to your bestie(s)!!! :)

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