Friday, June 5, 2009

Book Review: For the Love of Money By: Wilburta Arrowood

For the Love of Money by Wilburta Arrowood

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For the Love of Money by Wilburta Arrowood is another fast, great read. This book focuses on something that is very common in today's society...gambling. While the focus is on gambling money, I saw a very distinct parallel with gambling other important things like the soul and time. I love how Mrs. Arrowood uses very realistic, down to earth people like Ed and Kathy to tell this story.

With the way our economy is going, I fear that gambling will become even more of an issue. It's sad to see people wasting their time, their soul, and their lives by using means other than relying on God to see them through.

This book brought home to me that while I don't gamble with money, I do spend a lot of time online and that is gambling time away from my family. Hopefully things will change and I'll spend less time online and more time with my family, and more importantly, the Lord.

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