Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

This week's honor goes to "Ms. Dee" D. It has been quite some time since I've seen Ms. Dee but she is more than worthy of this weeks honor. I met her when I was in college and she eventually became my house mom. More than that, she because like another mother to me. I lived with her and her family (plus a couple more college roomies) for a little over a year. I really looked up to her at the time, and continue to do so. She worked at the local hospital as a nurse and that's what I was going to school for. Needless to say, she had myself and one of her daughters in nursing school at the same time. Not sure if you've ever been around people in nursing school, but it's stressful! She had 2 at the same time!! She's amazing. She helped me and her daughter survive and be successful in nursing school. It's also because of Ms. Dee that I had my first "real job" as a CNA at the same hospital.

My absolute most favorite memory of the time I spent with Ms. Dee is EVERY NIGHT she would have her case manager work spread out on the floor and I my nursing books and care plans and we'd pop in our favorite movie, "Dirty Dancing" and sing while we worked. That's how we dealt with our stress! Everytime I watch that movie now, I think back to that living room floor and how much we *didn't* get accomplished each night by having our girl bonding time.

I still hear updates on Ms. Dee from time to time because my "grandma" Dortha volunteers at the same hospital where Ms. Dee works. One of these days I hope to be able to go back to visit with Dortha, Ms. Dee, and all my other friends still in the area.

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