Monday, June 8, 2009

Mailbox Monday

So, this week is make-up week I guess. The past couple of weeks the mailbox has only been full of bills and "junk mail". However, this week, I had 10 new titles grace my box...
  1. Savvy
  2. Coming Unglued
  3. Perfect Piece
  4. The Love Dare
  5. Nothing But Trouble
  6. Ransomed Dreams
  7. Prints Charming
  8. Darkwood
  9. School's Out--Forever
  10. Saving the World
Which one will I read first out of this group? I think it will be Darkwood!! What do you think? Should I read it next or choose a different one? (P.S. I'm currently reading School's Out--Forever, which is book 2 in the Maximum Ride series)

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