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Green by Ted Dekker

IE: GREEN: Book Zero: The Beginning and the End IE: GREEN: Book Zero: The Beginning and the End by Ted Dekker

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How does one go about writing a book that is the beginning and the end? I'll never know how Ted Dekker has accomplished this but I'm very excited about this book! This is my first read by Mr. Dekker and most certainly not my last! I love his writing style and how he has entertwined several books together. I may be mistaken but I'm thinking that the Lost History books play a part in the Circle series.

This is Book 0. You can read it first before reading Black or you can choose to read it last after reading White. Amazing eh?

Thomas is a leader who travels back and forth between a span of 2000 years. His clan is dying out due to a lack of faith in their god, Elyon. Thomas's son is a deserter and Thomas is married to the Quoron leader's daughter. What must be done to save the precious land from the Hordes and Eramites?

As mentioned, I've not read anything by Dekker before. I found it very hard to put this book down...after the first 15 chapters or so. The beginning I found to be very difficult to get into. There was something missing...maybe something in the Lost History books, I'm not sure. I was getting the impression that some of the characters where mentioned in other books. However, the characters are very well developed and once I really got into the story, I forgot what I didn't think I knew anymore.

There were many parallels between the Bible and the instances in this book. Thomas's clan "drowns" themselves in a river of blood...symbolic of a baptism of immersion. One dies to Christ and His blood covers them. I'm not sure how the vampire in the book fits into Biblical parallellism but it was a cool touch!

Would I recommend this book? You bet. Run out and buy it NOW! Whether you read it first or last, it's a great read. I might have to re-read it after reading the other books in this series. I've never read anything like it before!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing a review copy of this book!

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This book fulfills the "G" Book of the A-Z Book Title Challenge, "G" Author A-Z Book Challenge, Book #3 of 100 Books Read in 2010 Challenge (I still need to make a post for this challenge!)

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