Monday, January 11, 2010

Kidz Book Buzz Tour Announces Calamity Jack by Shannon and Dean Hale, Illustrated by Nathan Hale

This week, Kidz Book Buzz will be featuring an action-packed, adventurous, fun-filled new release by husband and wife, Shannon and Dean Hale, with Nathan Hale (no relation) as the illustrator. I hope you've heard of Shannon before...she's the 2006 recipient of a Newbery Honor Award for her Princess Academy! I had not heard of her before reading this book, but I will definately be searching out more of her work!

Calamity Jack is sure to please readers young and old! I can even see giving this book to a reluctant reader and getting them to enjoy the world of reading!

Calamity Jack is a creative story that weaves Jack and the Beanstalk characters with those of Rapunzel. This is a fast moving story about Jack, the young teenage boy who's nothing but trouble (at least in his opinion). He is doing his best to help out his momma but he only complicates matters when his magic beans create a beanstalk to the giants castle. He climbs the beanstalk to give this ogre a piece of his mind about how he is treating the townsfolk. The beanstalk crashes and ruins his mom's store among other things. Jack escapes with his trusty (?) sidekick, Prudence the fairy. Along the way, he runs into the braid slinging heroine Rapunzel, who does everything she can to save Jack's behind. Can they prevent the human eating ants and giants from taking over the city? Will Jack ever be in his mother's good graces again?

Run out today and grab your copy of Calamity Jack! The authors have done a great job weaving this creative story together and the illustrations are mind-blowing! This is my first graphic novel review and I absolutely LOVED it!

Our featured authors/illustrator have really cool websites that I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out. Just look at the addresses and know that you are in for a treat!



(This is one awesome blog. Be sure to click back on older posts for a really fun interview!)

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Thank you to the publisher for providing my review copy of this book!

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