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The Giant Slayer by Iain Lawrence

The Giant-Slayer The Giant-Slayer by Iain Lawrence

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I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up to read it. From the cover and title, one would expect a fantasy involving a giant, a unicorn, a gnome, and a dragon. However, the book opens telling you that it's 1955 and polio is rampant. What does polio have to do with all these mythical creatures?

Laurie is a young girl who's dad is pretty big with the March of Dimes. They are frantically searching for a cure for polio. Laurie spends her days with her Nanna (her mom died when she was young) and she pretty much isn't allowed to do anything fun. She definitely can't go swimming! One day she runs into a little boy named Dickie and together they have some pretty wild adventures featuring Davey Crockett.

One day, Dickie doesn't come out to play and Laurie learns that he is in the hospital with polio. Laurie misses her friend and begs to go see him. She's finally allowed in and she finds her friend in an iron lung. That's where the stories begin!

Laurie spends time at the hospital weaving this tale of giants, unicorns, dragons, and gnomes to entertain the young children in the hospital. They spend hours listening to her tale becoming more and more entranced by it. It helps them to forget for just a few hours that their lives depend on this iron shell to keep them alive.

I found this story absolutely captivating. It's a story within a story but it all ties in together. I was interested in the background provided about polio (I have several family member affected) and even more so about the iron lung. I think I experienced just about every emotion while reading this book and have found another author that I enjoy reading!

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Regardless of age. I'm hoping that this book will get some wide reviews because the story is just that good!

Consider making a donation to the March of Dimes foundation in your area!

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  1. Sounds like a fun book, thanks for your review.