Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta Challenge Update and Day 1 Wrap Up

I just completed the "Come Up With 10 Post Ideas" challenge that Jenn is hosting during Bloggiesta. This was a most helpful challenge that I hope I can continue to do on those days when I don't have anything to post. This completes my second challenge for the weekend.

Earlier today, I completed my first challenge, which was to create a back up document of commonly used websites and codes. I already have a pretty systematic method of tracking which books I own, when I got them, where they came from, and what challenge(s) they can apply to. On that page I will also add each individual book review address so I don't spend so much time search for the link when I need it for something else.

I also completed reading Calamity Jack by Shannon and Dean Hale with illustrations by Nathan Hale. I'll be posting on this one next week during a blog tour on the book. I can tell you that it's fantastic! I'm almost finished reading Green by Ted Dekker as well. I can't seem to blog as much as I'd like on dial-up so I'm getting a lot of reading in this weekend.

Please continue to follow my Bloggiesta experience! Happy Bloggiesta-ing!

I have been trying to post this since very early this morning. I realize that I will be soon writing a wrap up post for day 2. On dial-up, it might take until Monday at this point! I am participating and enjoying it, albeit I'm getting more reading in while waiting for pages to load!

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  1. Gotta love dial up! LOL. We lost you on the ning....again!

  2. Gotta Love dial up! We lost you on the ning...again!