Thursday, September 10, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash

This is the weekly meme where Sheila encourages anyone who wishes to play along to take those crazy word verifications they have had over the past week and apply a fake definition to them (much like how you play the board game Balderdash). This is all in fun and makes commenting on blogs a bit more interesting when the verification may just give you the best definition of the week!

trazia: This is someone gorked out on tranquilizers

reacio: A fancy word for race

altesses: when you have multiple alternatives to a problem

padeon: The day you get paid

unron: Totally uncool...he's so unron!

sesabes: Sesame seeds that are more like beads...much smaller than usual

devabi: a vibe you get that you will end up in debt soon

tingsh: a quiet tingle

rohipoop: the excrement of royalty

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