Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CSFF Blog Tour: Day 2 Let's Meet the Author!

This week, the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour will be hosting Mrs. Donita K. Paul and her book The Vanishing Sculptor.

Yesterday, we took a peak into the first chapter of the book. We also saw a little bit of background information on the book. I hope you had a chance to visit with some fellow bloggers over this book and see what they have going on too! Today, you will get an opportunity to learn a little more about Mrs. Donita K. Paul as she has dropped in for a brief visit!

Thank you so much, Mrs. Paul, for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to visit with us today!

1. Who is your writing inspiration? Why?

I have two. Patricia Veryan, a secular historical writer. I admire her for
her complex plots, intriguing characters, and her humor.
The second is Max Lucado. His stories compel the reader to think and move
them toward a better understanding of God.

2. What piqued your interest in writing about dragons and other
fictional characters?

I have characters pop into my mind and I must know more about them. That
means I have to use my imagination to flesh them out. I sometimes wonder if
I would have been a good profiler. Probably not, because I don¹t like grim
and grizzly. I¹m not into gore, either.

3. As a former school teacher, what is one bit of wisdom that you
would pass along to my students who are reading this blog?

Very often when you are young, you think your going to want to do something
in particular. For instance, in high school, you decide you want to be a
policeman. My suggestion is to not hold tight to those interests. There is
nothing wrong with having a goal, but it can make you to narrow. I know many
people who went to college and got a degree and three years later knew they
would have been happier in another field. So be open to suggestions and for
sure, be open to the Lord¹s leading.

4. Who is your favorite author (If not the answer to question #1)?
What is it about him/her that makes them your favorite?

5. What book would you consider one that every person should read at
least once in their life?

Well, of course, the answer is the Bible. But I¹ll assume you mean something
other than the Bible which we all should be familiar with. Hmmm? I think I
will choose two children¹s books. The first is The Story of Ping. In this
book a little duck misses getting on the boat at the right time. He doesn¹t
scurry to get on because the last duck in line gets a little pop on the
bottom. He learns that sometimes it is worth a bit of discipline to do the
right thing. We can be going the wrong way and repent. Sometimes we have to
take our just desserts. But it is worth it to be back in the fold.
The other is Corduroy. A little bear goes in search of his missing button in
a department store. The way Corduroy greets each new situation is a
wonderful way to address life.

For more great info on our author, feel free to surf on over to her website and blog.

Donita Paul’s Web site -
Donita Paul’s blog - http://dragonbloggin.blogspot.com/

I do hope you will come back tomorrow and read my personal review of this book!!

The source of my book comes from Amazon. I personally purchased this book specifically for this tour.

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  1. Rachel Starr ThomsonSeptember 23, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    Great interview, Julie! I've enjoyed seeing the many different sides of Mrs. Paul through the various interviews that have been done :).

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