Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

Today's Wonderful Woman is someone very near and dear to me. Francis Briney, affectionately known by multiple members of my family as "Aunt Faffy" has played a huge role in my life. Aunt Faffy and her husband "Uncle Ralph" lived "up the sidewalk" from my maternal grandparents. Everytime we went to my grandparent's home, we also saw them. I am not sure just how the whole "Aunt and Uncle" routine got started, but I know that my mom and her brother and sisters have always referred to them as that.

Aunt Faffy had this house that had that smell. You know the one I'm talking about...old person smell with a mixture of downhome freshness after a batch of baked chocolate chip cookies. I mean no disrespect by's just one of the things I remember most about her house. I loved going to see her and her dog. She taught me a few things about life (especially boys!!) and she was always encouraging me to pursue my singing career.

The last time I saw Aunt Faffy was on my wedding day. I wish I had the picture to put on here but I can't put my fingers on it at the moment. I was so thrilled to have her as an honored guest at my wedding. That just meant the world to me!! She passed away recently, but not before losing a granddaughter and daughter-in-law to cancer. She is still an inspiration to me today. I miss those Saturdays 'down on the farm".

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