Monday, May 25, 2009

Mailbox Monday!

While the mail doesn't run today, I was blessed to have the following fill up my mailbox this week...

1. Sunsets by Robin Jones Gunn
2. Whispers by Robin Jones Gunn
3. Clouds by Robin Jones Gunn
4. Waterfalls by Robin Jones Gunn
5. Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn
6. Remembered by Tamera Alexander
7. Revealed by Tamera Alexander

My to-be-read list just became 7 books longer but I have so much to look forward to reading. I have a small stack forming on my bedside table and my dear daughter just added two more to it last night. Looks like I'll have a great summer lost in various exotic places (hey, it's exotic if it's outside of my home!!!)

How about you? What's in your mailbox?

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