Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lean in 13: Day 3

If I can survive the first three days, I can do ANYTHING!!! This is the longest I have ever stuck with the Lean in 13 program. I know....I'm a wimp, non-committal, whatever you want to call it. There is a *HUGE* difference this time....I have a TON of support!!

So, last night's jaunt to El Charro's was not wise. I gained 1.8 pounds. Oh well, to me it was worth a little bit of cheese dip. That just means I have to work harder for the remaining 10 days.

Did I mention working harder? Have you ever tried to move your body when you can actually feel where every single muscle is?!?!? So, I can barely walk today but me and Jillian worked out when I got home from work (which btw was after 7 pm...missed not happy!). While I hurt from the workout on Monday, it felt so incredible to work out tonight!! I feel so much better!! Who knows, me and Jill might actually form a friendship of sorts...albeit a volatile one at times!!

I look forward to's "refuel" day...which means FRUIT!!! I've missed having fruit lately. Now I just have to decide which fruit I want! :)

Until tomorrow...

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