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Meridian by Amber Kizer

Meridian Meridian by Amber Kizer

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The first creatures to seek me were the insects; my parents cleaned the bassinet free of dead ants the morning after they brought me home from the hospital. My first word was “dead.”

At age four, when I stepped out of bed and popped a giant toad like a water balloon, I never again turned any lights off.

For all of my sixth year, I slept sitting up thinking I’d spot the dying coming toward me.

There were times when it felt like my insides were full of broken glass, times when the souls of the animals passing through me felt too big, too much. I’d open my eyes in the morning and peer into the glassy gaze of a mouse on my pillow. Death never became my comfortable companion.

With a book opening like that, how can this NOT be a good book to read?!?!? I was captivated from those opening lines and finished the book in record time. If you would like to read more of Meridian, please click here and you can read the prologue and first three chapters. I'm warning you though, be prepared to go and get it as soon as you do!

Meridian is a young girl with a very eccentric life. Things die around her. All. The. Time. It doesn't happen to anyone else though and she's concerned. The day of her 16th birthday changed her life forever. Her parents warn her to come straight home from school. What will happen if she doesn't? Should she even take the chance and find out? Why won't her parents give her more information? She already senses she's a freak and out of the norm and now her parents are "wigging her out".

Meridian finds herself on a bus to go see her Aunt. She's always enjoyed spending time with her and felt a special kinship with her. They are more alike than Meridian would have ever cared to guess. Then, there's Tens, her aunt's caretaker. Meridian seems to take a liking to him fairly quickly but he isn't so eager to return the sentiment.

This book is full of the adventures of our young Meridian and her half angel life. Along the way she meets some interesting folks who help to shape her into the young lady she becomes.

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Per new FTC regulations, the source of this book is "borrowed from Mindi", who happens to be a student of mine. She inspires me to read more!!

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