Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another New Blog Baby!!

I'm so excited that today I get to introduce to you another blog baby!! Last month, you met Mindi, from A Teen That Reads, and today you get to meet "E" from Take it From E. Both of these young ladies are high school students of mine that have a huge interest in reading. At times I can't tear them away from their books when I'm trying to teach them!!

I am blessed to have all my students in my life ( I wouldn't have a job without them!) and it's really them that I owe for inspiring me to read more. They are both just getting started but I do hope you'll pay them a visit and encourage them!! :)

I have had a couple other students approach me about creating a blog so hopefully I'll have more to introduce soon. I'm thinking I might have to have an after school class one day on how to do this, even though I'm still learning myself!

Welcome E!!

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