Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy

Cowboy Christmas Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
How willing are you to pick up your cross DAILY and live for the Lord? Annette was willing to do this and then some! Lost in a world of what she thought was a great mission work, Annette soon learns that not everyone who says they are believers really are. Claude and Blanche let her know that pretty quickly.

Annette isn't about to let these two bring her down and ruin her faith. With a tragic situation on hand, Annette finally chooses to escape her current situation and try to better herself.

She's been away from home for six years and Annette is ready to see the ranch and Pa. Several of the townsfolk try to warn her about her ranch and what she may or may not see. Most townsfolk aren't fond of Pa. Little does Annette know, this is yet another cross to pick up and carry.

This book has several tragic starts but has a heartwarming lesson about sticking to the faith and doing what is right. Annette solely leans on the Lord and brings a cowboy to a new found version of life with crosses.

This was my first read by Mary Connealy. I've seen many reviews for her other works and when I saw this on, I couldn't pass it up! I'm so glad that I didn't! She is now on my list of authors to read more of! Coincidentally, I have 3 other books of hers sitting next to me as I write this!

Be sure to check out this great read when it is released on Sept. 1!

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  1. Wonderful! I love it too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. You'll Be thrilled with Mary's other books as well. Loved Petti Coat Ranch and the others.

    Thanks for letting me know about your review.

    Nora St. Laurent
    Finding Hope Through Fiction