Monday, June 27, 2022

Queen of Hearts (Heels, Rhymes & Nursery Crimes Vol. 21) By Natalina Reis


Queen of Hearts (Heels, Rhymes & Nursery Crimes, #21)Queen of Hearts by Natalina Reis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think every woman would know someone that she'd like to send to the Queen of Hearts!! This book was a little different than I expected, but I was not disappointed!! I have not read any other books in this series but I believe this little stand alone served it's get me to read the other books! :)

Mimi Mioyo (I love how that name rolls off the tongue) is fed up over the way that men can get by treating...or mistreating, women. Thus, she becomes the Queen of Hearts. Any man who can beat her at a game of Stolen Hearts has an opportunity with her that other men are clamoring for. The thing is, would they be if they knew what *really* happens behind the Queen's doors?

Jac is a new guy in town who claims to be Mimi's new dealer. Mimi isn't sure she can trust anyone else but Jac does something to earn her trust...but will it ever be a complete trust? He is a man after all!

I love how this story intertwines so many facets of things that, unfortunately, happen today. While this is a work of fictional fantasy, I know that some will wish some of these events to come true in their own lives. There are some deep topics covered in this book but all in all, I found it to be a very enjoyable read on a stormy afternoon. I look forward to reading other books in this series!

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Lie That Binds by Amy Argent


The Lie That BindsThe Lie That Binds by Amy Argent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

High school years are tough! Everyone is jockeying for position whether it be with the nerds, jocks, preppies, stoners, etc. Imagine all that stress and being dealt a huge health blow right before your freshman year. Nathan's life is crumbling but no one knows except his family and his teachers.

Holly and her dad just moved to the area. Holly's dad is the new chief of police. No pressure for a new kid, eh? So many challenging things going through Holly's head until she confronts this bully Nathan one day. The next few hours will have her questioning that confrontation.

I really enjoyed this book and wanted to give it 5 stars. However, being the mother of two teenagers, the language and the pretty descriptive "adult" scenes left me challenged. I know that this happens in reality but I would not encourage my children to read this book. The characters are loveable and understandable. Some of them I loved more than others, some of them I grew to love more as I read and learned more about them. The nicknames for the various characters did become a little bit difficult to keep up with at times, especially when interchanging the real names with the nick names. I found "GothGirl" and Ivan to be my favorite characters and I love to read a spin-off about them!!

Overall, an enjoyable book. It encompasses many difficult topics and I believe they are all represented very fairly. This book kept my attention and I read it in 2 sittings (only because my Kindle died and I had to recharge it!).

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Distant Memories (Nurse Morgan Series Book 2) by Kate MacInnis


Distant Memories: A Nurse Morgan Series: Book TwoDistant Memories: A Nurse Morgan Series: Book Two by Kate MacInnis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nurse Morgan is back again, only this time has some arm candy in the new hot doctor working at her hospital. She's finally got her new friends in her home to play by her rules and they have mutual understandings for each other and their personal space. Life is going well until Esmeralda shows up. I picture her looking like Elvira and she's all over Dr. Caleb. Morgan isn't going to stand for that and she's doing everything she can to stand up to Esmeralda. Things at the hospital take some weird turns too.
This is a super fun book that was hard to put down! I can't wait for more of Nurse Morgan!

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Prospect of Death (An Alyssa Chalmers Cozy Mystery) by Carmen Radtke


The Prospect of Death (Alyssa Chalmers mysteries, #2)The Prospect of Death by Carmen Radtke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a great, cozy little historical murder mystery romance novel to spend my Saturday enjoying! Alyssa and several of her friends have travelled from Australia to Canada in the hopes of finding husbands. They depart from the boat and start learning their way around Run's End when the hotel owner is found murdered. Alyssa would much rather be a sleuth than to be married and she's running around trying to solve this murder. Meanwhile, the other girls are marrying off and making a life for themselves. Will Alyssa find her happily ever after or will she remain a sleuth?

I enjoyed this book very much. The characters were very loveable, the writing fairly plain (although there are a couple of scenes that I felt might have been abandoned), and there was a great balance of mystery and romance. I was not aware that this was the second book in this series so this can definitely be read as stand-alone but I'm going to go back and read the first book!

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Friday, June 17, 2022

Isabella Bride of Ohio: American Mail Order Bride by Debra Parmley


Isabella Bride of Ohio: American Mail-Order Brides SeriesIsabella Bride of Ohio: American Mail-Order Brides Series by Debra Parmley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Isabella has recently arrived in Massachusetts by way of Sweden. She finds work in a textile mill, which burns to the ground shortly after she starts working there. Not sure where she will go or what she will do next, Isabella and a group of her friends start looking at ads for mail-order brides. Isabella starts writing with a man named Donald Jenks and it's soon decided that she will meet up with him. Having already faced a lot of tragedy in her life and hearing her grandmother's warning about how bad things happen in 3's, Isabella is a little apprehensive about this trip to Ohio to meet her likely future husband. He sounds great on paper...has the perfect house, a great job, good life goals...everything a girl who had nothing could desire. Will this be her picture perfect marriage?

I love reading mail-order bride books!! They are some of my favorites. In a way, I liken it to a more modern trend of of which I am! I met my husband online and we dated for a short time in real life before marrying. I went through similar emotions that Isabella experienced, only in a more modern time frame for sure.

There were a couple of unexpected twists in this book but ones that made the story much more relatable and realistic. The characters were very well developed and likeable (well, most of them were...). I understand that this book is part of a 50 book series. I'll have to read some of the others in this series!

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Know-It-All Pencil (Invisible Magic Wand Series Book 5) by Lois Wickstrom


The Know-It-All Pencil (Invisible Magic Wand)The Know-It-All Pencil by Lois Wickstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's Caspian's "unbirthday" and today his grandfather has gifted him with a pencil. At first he's confused and then he sees the paper. The pencil writes the word "apple" on the paper. He takes it to the breakfast table where grandfather says he's going to have a star quality day. Caspian is on his way to school when he sees a walker out of place. He returns it to the rightful owner and is given something in exchange for his kind act. This goes on for awhile with various people until Caspian finally learns the meaning behind the star.

The illustrations are so bright and vibrant!!! I love that about a great children's book. The story is very well done as well and brings up several talking points after the book has finished. I have enjoyed this book series so far!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jake the Growling Dog Shares His Trail (Jake the Growling Dog Book 3) by Samantha Shannon


Jake the Growling Dog Shares His TrailJake the Growling Dog Shares His Trail by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jake loves his morning walks on the trail with Neet. One day they come across some new markings in the dirt and they become concerned. Who's on their trail? Soon, they have friends to come over and they all end up making a new friend. Their new friend is a little different but they hardly notice because they are having so much fun!

This book focuses on acceptance of differences. There are a few activities in the back of the book to help the reader with how to deal with situations like these. The illustrations are fabulous and this is an excellent book for the young and not-so-young!

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