Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

Today's wonderful woman is a tribute to my grandmother, Wilma Jane Robinson. Grandma Wilma, as I called her, is my mother's mother. She was a wonderful woman who exhibited Christ in so many ways. One of my favorite memories of her was every Saturday going to her house to help her clean up things. Coming up the hill of "Brineyville", we would get on the CB and ask for "Calamity Jane" or "Deer Stuffer" (my grandfather). It was the highlight of my Saturday! I remember hanging out the laundry on the clothesline and having an opportunity to talk to "Aunt Faffy" as well. She was the neighbor lady who lived next to my grandparents for many, many years.

Grandma taught me many lessons, but the most impressive was the one of perserverance. Grandma developed cancer for the first time when I was around 5. She recovered from it, then when I was 10, it came back. I don't ever recall hearing grandma complain about her aches and pains. She always had a smile on her face!! She was there for me when my Grandma Mary (dad's mom) passed away and I'll never forget the way she comforted me, my mom, and my siblings.

I'll never forget the night she passed...we'd spent the day with her and I sensed, even at the age of 12, that she wasn't going to be around much longer. Weeks prior to that I helped my mom, her siblings, and grandpa, take care of grandma. It was my honor and pleasure to do those things for her in her last days. When she did pass, no one would tell me until the next day, even though I saw the hearse at the house when we arrived.

It's been almost 20 years since she's passed...but she has made a long lasting impression on me. I still love her to this day and miss her. Rest in peace Grandma!!

(In this picture: my cousin Daniel, my cousin Sarah, my brother Jeremy, my sister Alison, and myself surrounding my grandpa and grandma). I wish I had a more recent picture of her that was decent but I don't have a better one.

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  1. Grandparents are special people and this is a lovely tribute to your grandmother!!