Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wonderful Women Wednesday

I am hoping to stay consistent with this. I would love for you to write and tell me about one of the many wonderful women who have influenced your life.

The first one I will mention is Suzanne Sprehe. Suzanne was my 6th grade teacher, as well as my sister in Christ. I learned a few hours ago that she has won her reward and is with her Lord. I feel so blessed to have known this wonderful woman!! I was teacher's pet in her class. I could do NO wrong! I was so bored in 6th grade that she let me crochet and cross-stitch in class while she was teaching. I made many Christmas gifts that year, including one for her. We continued to have a good relationship after 6th grade because of our church affiliation. We started attending the same congregation a few years later and it was great to be able to worship with her. I also had her husband in 8th grade. Unfortunately, he met an untimely death while I had him as a teacher.

Looking back now, I could only hope that I would be as positively influential a teacher as Mrs. Sprehe. She retired a few years ago and fought a battle with Alzheimer's. God rest Suzanne's soul!! I love you Mrs. Sprehe!

How about you? Who is a wonderful woman in your life?

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