Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos

Today, let's pause for a moment to get to know the author of Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos.

Many thanks to the author and publisher for providing a copy of this book to read and review!

To read the first chapter of Matt's great book, go to www.imaginaryjesus.com and click on the link in the middle of the page!

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Read his blog for great stories but don't expect to find Matt...remember, he's imaginary! (Shhh...I don't think he realizes this yet!) LOL

Tomorrow, you can read a little about this book through my "official" review. I'm warning you, this guy had President Obama stripped down to his tighty whiteys cleaning his toilet. He's good....

*Participants’ links (paste as is in the body of your post or update the links in your sidebar):

http://www.christiansciencefiction.blogspot.com"> Brandon Barr
http://www.AdventuresInFiction.blogspot.com/"> Keanan Brand
http://www.splashdownreviews.blogspot.com"> Grace Bridges
http://rbclibrary.wordpress.com/"> Beckie Burnham
http://valeriecomer.com/"> Valerie Comer
http://blog.rlcopple.com/"> R. L. Copple
http://www.the160acrewoods.com/"> Amy Cruson
http://csffblogtour.com/"> CSFF Blog Tour
http://word-up-studies.blogspot.com"> Stacey Dale
http://www.scificatholic.com/"> D. G. D. Davidson
http://scriptoriusrex.blogspot.com/"> Jeff Draper
http://projectinga.blogspot.com/"> April Erwin
http://askandrea.adamsweb.us/"> Andrea Graham
http://going-greene.blogspot.com/">Tori Greene
http://jessebecky.wordpress.com/"> Becky Jesse
http://crisjesse.wordpress.com"> Cris Jesse
http://www.spoiledfortheordinary.blogspot.com/"> Jason Joyner
http://www.molcotw.blogspot.com/"> Julie
http://carolkeen.blogspot.com/"> Carol Keen
http://krystisbooks.blogspot.com/"> Krystine Kercher
http://www.momofkings.com"> Dawn King
http://www.slygames.net/"> Leighton
http://rebeccaluellamiller.wordpress.com/"> Rebecca LuElla Miller
http://www.leastread.blogspot.com/"> John W. Otte
http://dragonbloggin.blogspot.com/"> Donita K. Paul
http://prochristroetlibertate.blogspot.com/"> Crista Richey
http://www.chawnaschroeder.blogspot.com/"> Chawna Schroeder
http://www.rachelstarrthomson.com/inklings/"> Rachel Starr Thomson
http://christiansf.blogspot.com/"> Steve Trower
http://frederation.wordpress.com"> Fred Warren
http://christian-fantasy-book-reviews.com/blog/"> Phyllis Wheeler
http://kmwilsher.blogspot.com/"> KM Wilsher

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