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The Sister Wife by Diane Noble

The Sister Wife (Brides of Gabriel, #1)The Sister Wife by Diane Noble

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I picked this book up on a recent book splurge. I have always been intrigued by the Mormon lifestyle, although I do not believe in it. I have watched the popular TV show "Sister Wives" and when I saw this book, I knew I wanted to read it.

Lady Mary Rose is aboard a ship bound for America. Accompanying her is her grandfather, the Earl, and several small children. The Earl has learned from Brigham Young of this new religion that is meant to restore the Church. The Earl jumps at the chance to join this religion and learn all of it's ways. While aboard, Mary Rose befriends a young woman named Bronwyn. One fateful evening, Mary Rose is forced to assist Bronwyn in the delivery of her and Griffin's child. That one night changed EVERYTHING.

Gabe is really proud of this ship that he has designed. By all appearances, this ship is the fastest and best there is. His best friend and captain Hosea agrees. These two men have been through everything together, yet there are secrets that neither one knows about that is bound to destroy their friendship. After Hosea marries Gabe and Mary Rose at sea, many things begin to change.

Life in Nauvoo, IL is entirely different than Mary Rose would have thought. The Prophet's teachings are not aligning with what Mary Rose remembers her mother teaching her from the Bible. Men and women are separated during worship service, each sitting on different sides. One day, Prophet demands that all women leave so that he can give new revelations to the men. The men are not allowed to talk of the revelation and only a few will be chosen to serve the Lord in such a manner. It's then that Mary Rose's life takes a turn that she's not sure she can handle.

What would you do if your spouse left you for another? Or wanted to include another in your relationship? For some, this has already happened. I know that I would never agree to my husband taking another wife. If my husband were to ever be unfaithful, that would end our marriage. That is the ONLY way our marriage would end as well. Husbands are to treat their wives as Christ does the Church (Ephesians 6). The only way Christ leaves us is if we leave Him first. The same in a marriage. I know that my husband will never stray because it has happened to him. He knows and values the marriage vows and I know that our marriage vows will be forever honored. Sure, we have tough times and want to call it quits. However, our faith and trust in the Lord get us through those time and we come out the other side loving each other even more than before. As a matter of a personal note, I met my husband online. His chat name was (and still is) Faithfulman. We met in a christian chatroom and I was Irishrose. After marrying my Faithfulman, I have been Faithfulgirl. Thought I'd throw that in there for all those of you wondering! :)

I was angry at Gabe for even suggesting that he take another wife. I can imagine how Mary Rose must have felt...she wasn't pretty enough...wasn't good enough...all the things a person who's being rejected thinks about. She compares herself to Bronwyn, wondering why Gabe would choose her over his first love (or so he said about Mary Rose). Bronwyn, on the other hand, seemed to only be thinking of herself and her needs, not so much that of her best friend. I was extremely disappointed when Bronwyn broke the trust of Mary Rose. Gabe himself, was also very selfish. After all, he still hasn't revealed his deepest, darkest secret to Mary Rose. His life, in my opinion, is a lie with her. I lost all respect for him along when Hosea did.

I do look forward to reading the next book in this series as the title alludes to some changes. I'll be purchasing that book on my next book shopping trip!

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  1. I can't tell from your review if this is Christian fiction or Mormon fiction (which is a growing genre).

    I could never be a sister wife. I actually have a friend from high school that grew up and joined a cult where she is a sister wife. I don't know how she does it. Very sad.

  2. Truthfully, Joy, I'm not sure either. The main character has a Christian background and doesn't support the Mormon lifestyle immediately. The next book, from the blurb I've read, has someone leaving the Mormon lifestyle. It's a rather blended book but I enjoyed reading it.

    I could never be a sister wife either. I'm too jealous of a person to ever want to share my husband. I have a hard time believing that this type of relationship actually "works". It's definitely not supported in the Bible!