Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW: Interview Swap!!

I just love BBAW and I'm excited to be able to interview a new blogger friend! Kimberly and I just "met" last evening and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her a bit in the few hours we chatted. Below you'll see some of the questions I asked her. Kimberly was a trooper and answered all of my questions!! Check out Kimberly over In the Outhouse! (Love the name by the way!)

1. Who or what inspired you to blog? Why?
  I decided to start my blog because of my best friend Pixie, the co-owner of Pageturners blog. I saw   
  how much fun she was having and all the new friends she was making.

2. How long have you been blogging?
  I just celebrated my 1 year blog birthday(still a few more days on my contest hint hint lol) 
  Congrats on the bloggy birthday! Everyone be sure to check out her contest! You might find 
  something you'd like to have!! If not, then at least stop by and say "Happy Birthday" and partake in
  some bookish cake! 

3. What do you find most enjoyable about blogging?
     getting to read each and everyone's comments and points of view on books

4. What is your favorite genre of book to blog about?
    that is a hard one I prefer paranormal but I also like dystopian

5. You are going on a long trip and are only allowed to take one book. What would it be and why? definitely one that would keep me entertained. I have so many on my TBR list that it is hard to pick

6. You have the privilege of dining with any book character you wish. Who would it be and why? Stevie Rae from the House of Night series because she is spunky and likes alot of what I like
I haven't read this series yet but I want to!! I have them all on my shelf!!

7. What would you serve at the dinner with #6?
  Clay Walker lol or crawfish

8. What is one of your biggest bookish pet peeves?
    dog ears
    ME TOO!! GRRR!!!!

9. Favorite author?
    can I list two, Melanie Nilles and Rachel Caine

10. E-reader or physical book in your hands?
      Physical book in hand

11. Favorite blog to read?
      Parajunkee review or Pageturners blog
      I enjoy reading Parajunkee's blog! 

12. What one book from the past 12 months would you most like to see made into a movie?
       Darkness becomes her. Would love to see that version of New Orleans brought to life

13. How many books do you own?

14. What do you do when you are not reading and/or blogging?
       play on facebook or hang out with friends
        I'm way too addicted to facebook!! Someone help me please! 

15. Several high school students read my blog. What is one piece of advice you could offer to them? Do not ever let anyone tell you reading is boring. Many good things come from reading, you are not a nerd you are cool with a book in hand. STAY IN SCHOOL!!!

16. What attracts you most to a book?
      the cover

17. What book are you currently reading?
      Texas Gothic

18. What was the last book you read?
       Circle of Fire by MIchelle Zink

19. Is there a character you love to hate? Who and why?
      I love Jasper Hale who doesn't love a southern man in uniform

20. Have you ever preferred a movie or tv series over a book? If so, which one(s) and why?
      Depends on the book to be honest

21. How would you plan the perfect holiday?

22. What are five items on your wish list?
       Anna Dressed in blood, a nook, more bookish friends, Bite Club, I can think of anymore

23. Is there a book that you would rewrite the ending to? What book and why?

24. How many books do you read in a typical year?
      atleast 100

25. Where can we stalk you?
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kimberlybrasher


  1. Thank you Julie. I had a blast answering all you questions. It is always a good day to make a new bookish friend.

  2. Fun meeting you Kimberly, I will have to check out your blog. I am a new fan of dystopian too. I just finished Divergent by Veronica Roth and LOVED it!

    But I also dog ear my pages....(hangs head in shame).