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Review + Giveaway: One Season of Sunshine by Julia London

Should some questions be left unanswered?

In her newest contemporary novel, New York Times bestselling author Julia London explores the complex themes of adoption, family history, and love, as one woman looks into her past as she tries to forge her own future.

Adopted as an infant, Jane Aaron longs to know the identity of her birth mother and why she gave her up. Her only clue is the name of a small town where she was born. In ONE SEASON OF SUNSHINE (Pocket Books; July 2010; $7.99) Jane heads to Cedar Springs, Texas for answers.

When she arrives, handsome ad executive Asher Price—who lost his wife, Susanna, in a terrible car crash eighteen months ago—hires her to work as the nanny for his two children. As sparks begin to fly between Jane and Asher, Jane wonders whether Susanna was the perfect wife and mother the family portrays her to have been.

When Jane gets closer to discovering the truth about both her and Susanna’s pasts, devastating secrets emerge. Will the truth bring Jane and Asher closer together or tear them apart forever?

One Season of SunshineOne Season of Sunshine by Julia London

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so incredibly excited when Ayelet, a publicity specialist of Pocket Books (a division of Simon and Schuster), contacted me and asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing Julia London's newest book! I read Summer of Two Wishes last summer and loved it so I knew this one had to be a hit as well!

Jane has a strong longing to find her birth family, especially her birth mother, before she makes a life long commitment to Johnathan. It's only fair that she knows who she really is afterall, eh? She can't cook like the others in her family and she just needs to know...

The bombshell is dropped and she moves to Cedar Springs, her birth town. She obtains a job as a nanny (What was she thinking? She knew nothing about kids beyond her 2nd grade class!) Riley is a beautiful 13 year old girl who is really missing her mother. Levi is a young 5 year old who barely remembers his mother. Asher, the man of the house/absolute worst person to work for, is well, handsome...difficult...intriguing. Asher's deceased wife Susanna is everywhere and soon Jane feels like she's being watched by this woman. Why was she so great? Or was she?

Without saying too much more about the book (at this point you should be running to the nearest book outlet and purchasing it!), I LOVED it! I was not the least bit disappointed in this story, even though I thought I knew where it would end. I wasn't exactly right though! Full of twists and turns, Julia London weaves a beautiful tale of a woman trying to find herself in the midst of chaos, a young woman (Riley) who is also trying to find herself and deal with the loss of her mom, a young man in search of a mother he never knew, and a man who is overworked and misses his family.

What do I love most about this book? It's towards the end but I see some familiar characters from Summer of Two Wishes (read my review here! SQUEE!!! I love how this story felt "full circle" at that point! Mentioning Macy made my day! It was beautiful!

I highly recommend this book to all hopeless (and hopeful) romantics. This is such a sweet love story and I look forward to more from Julia London!

(You may wish to know that there are some pretty intense intimate scenes in portions of this book. I would caution young adults in reading this book.)

My thanks to Pocket Books (and Ayelet) for providing a review copy of this book!

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The publisher has graciously allowed me to give away 2 copies of this wonderful book! To enter, fill out the form below. I will draw the winner on Saturday, July 24 at 11:59 PM EST. This book will be mailed from the publisher and they have requested that only US address enter.

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