Saturday, July 31, 2010

Please excuse the dust!

I am in the midst of trying to figure out what happened to many of my posts that disappeared over the past couple of days. They show on the blog archives but not in the proper order of reading. In the meantime, I've been making a few changes around here to give my blog a different look. It appears that one or more of my gadgets that were on my sidebar were infected, as well as possibly my previous background. In the midst of putting things back in order, I fear that I am forgetting something. So, if you would please, give me any suggestions, hints, etc to make this blog more user friendly for you, my reader!

On another note, I've made a record of sorts for myself. I have read 14 books in the month of July!! Of those, 3 of those have been in the last 3 days! I'm on a reading roll...which will end on Monday when I'm required to begin my job as a teacher again. Bring on those kiddos so I can make  force    encourage them to read! :)

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