Monday, May 31, 2010

Broken by Travis Thrasher-My Review

Many thanks to Karen Ukraine for the Hachette Book Group for providing a copy for review!

Dark, very dark novel about a young woman who is trying to find herself in midst of crisis. Through a weird, disjointed series of events, she finds herself traveling all over the country seeking something she has no idea she needs.

I can't particularly say that I enjoyed this book. I barely made it halfway through and then decided it might get better so I stuck it out. I'm not quite sure that "christian fiction" is an appropriate label for this book, even though it does talk about finding God. I was very bothered to pick up a book labeled as such and find many unsavory words throughout. I found the writing somewhat disjointed. Very short, choppy sentences that didn't seem to go together. Overall, not an enjoyable book for me. Others have enjoyed it though and I encourage you to read their reviews and not pass judgment on mine alone. Read other reviews and get information on the author here

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