Monday, April 26, 2010

Raven's Ladder by Jeffery Overstreet

The Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour group is featuring the book Raven's Ladder this week. This is written by Jeffery Overstreet and is the third book in the Stands of Color Series.

I have not yet had an opportunity to read this book yet. I prefer to read books in a series in order and I have recently received the first book, Aurelia's Colors, and am about halfway through that book. So far, I'm finding it very enjoyable! I do intend on reading Raven's Ladder as soon as I finish Aurelia's Colors and then Cyndere's Midnight (of which I do not have a copy of as of yet). In the meantime, other bloggers have read this entire series and I hope you'll take a moment or two to check them out!"> Brandon Barr"> Rachel Briard (BooksForLife)"> Keanan Brand"> Beckie Burnham"> Melissa Carswell"> Valerie Comer"> CSFF Blog Tour"> Stacey Dale"> D. G. D. Davidson"> Shane Deal"> Jeff Draper"> April Erwin"> Ryan Heart"> Becky Jesse"> Cris Jesse"> Jason Joyner"> Julie"> Krystine Kercher"> Dawn King"> Rebecca LuElla Miller"> Nissa"> John W. Otte"> Donita K. Paul"> Crista Richey"> Chawna Schroeder"> Andrea Schultz"> James Somers"> Robert Treskillard"> Steve Trower"> Fred Warren"> Phyllis Wheeler"> KM Wilsher

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

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