Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Absence So Great by Jane Kirkpatrick

An Absence So Great: A Novel (Portraits of the Heart, #2) An Absence So Great: A Novel by Jane Kirkpatrick

I'd have to give this one a star rating of 3.8 overall.

If someone doing a character study were to look at a photograph of you, what would it tell those reviewing it? Do you believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul?

Jessie is a young photographer who is still trying to sort out her feelings for FJ. She knows she can't have him though but how can she fill the void in her heart? He did, afterall, give her the start she desperately wanted to have in the photography world. Back in the 1800's in Minnesota, a young businesswoman was unheard of...that is until Jessie Gaeble hit the scene. Would she ever fulfill her dreams of owning her own studio? Would she ever find love again?

I found this novel to be a bit creepy. FJ is a major stalker-sort who made me nervous every time he shows up on the scene. He can't have Jessie Gaeble and he doesn't *want* Jessie Bauer! For this being labeled as "christian fiction" I found some of the storyline a bit edgy and questionable. I was uncomfortable with the way that Mrs. Bauer kept presenting herself to her minister/counselor. I also didn't like how Jessie's family treated her...where was the forgiveness? Neither Jessie (Gaeble or Bauer) had any bit of self-confidence about them and were made to appear emotionally weak throughout the book. Most of all, I HATED the ending...even if it is a story of the author's grandparents. I was very disappointed that things went the way they did!!

It's also worth mentioning that this is book two in the series (A Flickering Light is book one). Several other reviewers have said that reading book one will provide a lot of background for this book but I really don't feel that I missed out on too much by not reading the books in order.

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  3. So much of Clash of the Titans reviews and let’s make some commentary on this book of Jane Kirkpatrick “An Absence So Great”. Well, I started reading it last 2 days and I do find it a little depressing, too. But I still find it good. I cannot deny the fact that Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite author and 2 of her book makes me fall for her. It was the Love to Water My Soul and the All Together in One Place.