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Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig

Trinity: Military War DogTrinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig
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I have to admit, when Ronie Kendig announced she was going to do a book series on military war dogs, I was afraid that I wouldn't like it. I have loved everything Ronie has written to date so why would I feel this way about this series? Well, I'm not a gigantic fan of books written about animals. I enjoy pets (I have many of them!) but I'm scared to death of dogs bigger then me!! All that being said, at this point, I believe Ronie could write an instruction manual for just about anything and I would love it!

I started this book and had a difficult time putting it down!! I don't know why I ever doubted Ronie's talent in convincing me that this was going to be a great book!!! Heath "Ghost" Daniels is a former Green Beret who acquired his military war dog (MWD), Trinity. They are asked to work for A Breed Apart, which is a training program for MWDs and their handlers. In return, they speak to troops to inspire them on the field. When an opportunity arises to go on a mission field, Heath and Trinity are all in...until the others are invited too. No one seems to trust Ghost since his accident that left him with a medical discharge and the looming diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.

Darci is an operative who is doing her best to undo a Chinese military operation. She has done many missions before and is ready for this one. However, a certain dog handler and his dog caught her eye early on during a show. The General was not happy to see her distracted so he sent her away. Only when she comes up missing do things really start to go into action.

Trinity is a beautiful dog. I'd still be scared of her but would admire her from a distance. Her job is extremely important and she misses the action that she and Ghost once enjoyed. When given the chance to get back into the field, Trinity is all in!

Trinity will capture your heart right away and will not let go until the last person is saved. I didn't realize just how important these dogs were to the military (sorry, I have a very limited scope of what our military does!). I did't realize that MWDs earned ranks along with their trainers. Trinity has a higher rank than her faithful friend Ghost. I have a much greater appreciation now of the military and the training that takes place because of what Ronie has written into her books. She is a "military brat" who extensively researches her subjects before writing on them.

My favorite aspect of this book was that Ronie incorporated another "Discarded Hero" into writing. She always maintains that these men and women in uniform are heroes. That means mountains to me!! While this is a work of fiction, Ronie has you believing that this is a real to life story. The end of the book does provide a story of someone who this is loosely based on.

Thank you, Ronie for yet another great book and for helping me to appreciate MWDs and other beautiful creatures even more!

Many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book to review.

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  1. Yay, Julie :) Love that you loved Trinity - Ronie is what I call a 'shopping list' write - I think she could make her shopping list a worthwhile read :-)

    Trinity and Heath are both gems, I agree xo xo

  2. Thank you, Julie! Awesome, awesome review!!