Friday, July 13, 2012

Road to the Christy's: Ronie Kendig and Wolfsbane

It is my distinct honor and privileged to showcase Christy nominee, Mrs. Ronie Kendig and her book, Wolfsbane. If you have never read any of Ronie's work, I strongly encourage you to do so! Ronie and Wolfsbane are nominated for a Christy in the Contemporary Romance category. Of course, I'm really hoping Ronie wins this award. She is up against Susan May Warren (My Foolish Heart) and Lisa Wingate (Larkspur Cove). I can only speak volumes of awesomeness about Ronie, not only because she is my favorite author, but also because I have not read these other two books! 

I'm hoping to have an opportunity to feature Ronie on here soon so you can get to know her better. However, she just had a huge move across the country and I'd like to give her awhile to get adjusted. After all, she JUST recently found her boots that were missing! A girl MUST have her boots!! In the meantime, please check out all of Ronie's books! She is amazing!! :) 

Best of wishes to you and Wolfsbane, Ronie! I'll be watching/listening the Christy's from home on July 16!!

The following is a blog post from May 11, 2011...

Son of a Batch of Cookies! This is the best Ronie Kendig novel yet!

Wolfsbane (Discarded Heroes #3)Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this third installment of the Discarded Heroes series, Canyon "Midas" Metcalfe keeps having flashbacks of that horrible day when it all went wrong. Why can't he seem to get it right? Why do men seem to be so stupid at times? It should have been a simple mission and he just had to blow it all.

Danielle has been trapped in the confines of a horrible beast for way too long. His tirades are intolerable and she has to get out. And she does...can she recoup from all the horrors of living like this for so long?

A courtroom makes all the difference. Imagine that! Will justice be served?

I have been waiting patiently anxiously biting my nails off screaming at the author, Ronie Kendig for months to get this book released!! I love her style of writing as she makes the characters seem SOOO incredibly real! I do believe this particular story of Canyon to be the most real yet. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones of the family get-togethers, just because it reminds me of certain people and how they act (I was waiting on a food fight...) and those in the thick of the battle (just because I like that kinda stuff!)I wanted to jump into this book so bad and escape reality for awhile. Yep, that's how good this story is! I was able to escape reality (you can't put this one down....I dare you to try it! It won't work!) for a few short hours to learn Canyon's story. It tore at my heart, ripped it at the seams, to the point that I had to stop reading long enough for a good therapeutic cry.

Kudos to Ronie for another fantastic adventure with the Discarded Heroes. I am even more anxious now for Firethorn (release date 2012) but at the same time, it is bittersweet. Firethorn will be the last book in the Discarded Heroes series and I look forward to a happy ending (*hint* *hint* Ronie!). 

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