Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter: A NovelWildflowers from Winter: A Novel by Katie Ganshert
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When you read this book, you'll be surprised to find out that this is Katie Ganshert's freshman novel! Bethany Quinn is a very well established architect who has everything going for her. She loves her life in Chicago and is ready to settle down with Dominic. However, she receives a life altering phone call from her mother who she hasn't seen in years. The trip back home is eventful from the beginning. Bethany is left with a lot of decisions to make about life, love, and property. Can she overcome the demons of her past and create a better life for herself and others along the way?

I really liked this book from the beginning. The story line is very clear with characters who could be your next door neighbors (or even your own family members). Bethany reminded me a lot of myself in many ways and I really connected with her quickly. However, I think my favorite character in this book is Evan. He has so much to offer and so few people see his real worth. Maybe it's just because I like the rancher/farmer type! :)

This is a book anyone who enjoys Christian fiction is sure to enjoy! I was excited to see that Robin's (Bethany's best friend) story (Wishing on Willows) will continue in the next book. She sure has a story that I want to know more about.

Fair warning to tender hearted readers like will need a box (or two!) of tissue handy. I bawled several times reading this book! I wonder how authors can write scenes and not tear up too (or maybe they do!?!?).

I look forward to reading more of Katie's work!! Many thanks to Katie and WaterBrook Press for the review copy to read!

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  1. Thanks so much for reading my book and reviewing here on your blog! I really appreciate your help in spreading the word! Oh - and there was definitely one scene where I cried while I was writing. :)