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Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer

Short-Straw BrideShort-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Karen Witemeyer has done it again with a brilliant tale of shot gun weddings and good ole fashioned romance! I've yet to find a book by this author that I could just take my time and read at a leisurely pace. Ms. Witemeyer ropes readers in before a page can be turned and then saddles them down until the last word is said!

Meredith (Meri) Hayes is a young woman who is in a Cinderella state. She is at the mercy of her Aunt (wicked step-mother) Noreen and Uncle Everett after the death of her parents many years ago. When money is tight for the family, the only logical thing to do is to marry Meri off while she has her land inheritance, youth, and beauty. The only problem is, Meri is not attracted to Roy at all and just doesn't see happiness with him. She's always been "in love" with Travis Archer since that fateful day ten years earlier when she had trespassed on her land and become injured. He was just the prince that would never come though. After overhearing some information, Meri finds herself reaching out to help the Archer boys. Once again, she trespasses on their land. That decision would forever change her life.

Travis Archer and his brothers, Crockett, Neill, and Jim, have lived on their own since their parents died so many years ago. They are protectors of their land and never leave. No one is allowed on their land without finding a bullet in them. However, when a young girl becomes trapped on their land, Travis cannot help but to take care of her and take her home. Little does he know, that girl will one day return to save his land. When things get a bit heated on the property, Meri is forced to stay. Uncle Everett then lays down an ultimatum, which leads to big decisions amongst the Archers. Who's gonna marry this girl and save her reputation? What about Roy?

I absolutely had a hard time putting this book down once I started!! I've felt that way about all of Karen Witemeyer's books! The adventures the characters face make me (at times) wish I could have lived back in the 1800's! I am enamored with the dresses the women of the time wore and the descriptions were spot on. The tender romance that had to blossom and grow was also one that most girls dream of happening. Who wouldn't want to be fought over?? :)

I highly recommend this book. Many thanks to Bethany House Publishers and Ms. Witemeyer for providing this book for review.

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