Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Unexpected Bride by Debra Ullrick

The Unexpected BrideThe Unexpected Bride by Debra Ullrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rainelle (Rainee) Victoria Devonworth will do whatever it takes to get away from her abusive brother...even if it means putting out an ad for a husband. She could only hope the ad was answered sooner then later.

Haydon Bowen has had it with love. After the torment that Melanie put him through, he'll never marry again. However, Jesse has other plans in mind. To help his brother out, Jesse answers Rainee's ad and now Haydon finds himself looking for a woman at the train platform. Haydon is only slightly concerned about what happened to Jesse before he left when he sees a classy woman being accosted by a surly man. Haydon jumps in to the hero and finds out that he's rescuing Rainee.

How does one deal with a woman they don't want? Jesse is in no position to get rid of her, now will Mr. Bowen's mother hear anything of it. She's now a guest in her home. Rainee is thankful and will do whatever she can to stay away from her brother Ferrin, even if it means answering another man's ad for a wife.

I love stories like this! Often times I wish I could have lived back in those times! The formality used is sweet and stuffy at the same time (I cannot imagine calling my husband Mr in these days and times). I appreciated the romance and suspense that this book presented. I did see the ending happening as it did though, so this book was a bit predictable for me.

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