Monday, December 6, 2010

The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers

Today through Wednesday, the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy tour will be featuring The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers. This is a super fun book that I will tell you more about in the coming days. I so have a small confession to make though and I hope you won't think this educator as someone who is uneducated. When I first started reading this book, I had no earthly idea what a "charlatan" was!! I feel so crazy now and I did figure it out from the context, however I also took the time to look up the meaning of the word. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, a charlatan is "a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud". 

Along the way, I also researched YouTube for more information on Charlatan's and Feechies. Enjoy the following clips!! Come back tomorrow to learn about our featured author, Jonathan Rogers.
This one was created by Sally Apokedak! Be sure to visit her during this tour!!

This video is our featured author, Jonathan Rogers, telling us everything there is to know about feechies!!

Finally, please be sure to visit with others on the tour! I'm sure they will all some entertaining info on this great book!"> Sally Apokedak"> Amy Bissell"> Red Bissell"> Jennifer Bogart"> Thomas Clayton Booher"> Keanan Brand"> Beckie Burnham"> Jeff Chapman"> Christian Fiction Book Reviews"> Valerie Comer"> CSFF Blog Tour"> D. G. D. Davidson"> April Erwin"> Andrea Graham"> Tori Greene"> Katie Hart"> Bruce Hennigan"> Christopher Hopper"> Becky Jesse"> Cris Jesse"> Jason Joyner"> Julie"> Carol Keen"> Shannon McDermott"> Allen McGraw"> Matt Mikalatos"> Rebecca LuElla Miller"> Nissa"> Donita K. Paul"> SarahFlan"> Sarah Sawyer"> Chawna Schroeder"> Tammy Shelnut"> Kathleen Smith"> James Somers"> Donna Swanson"> Robert Treskillard"> Fred Warren"> Phyllis Wheeler">  Nicole White"> Elizabeth Williams"> Dave Wilson

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  1. Hey, too cool. I'm very glad you chose that interview with Sarah Palin to put on the blog. And the video with Dr. Rogers is classic. I love him in that clip. He plays the perfect dorky perfesser a little too well, maybe. heh heh

    And I can sympathize with you over the not knowing the meaning of words Rogers uses. He's always using words I don't know. It must be that PhD he has in seventeenth century literature. He's read a lot of words that most of us don't use anymore, I think.

    I thought that he made several words up in The Charlatan's Boy. It turns out that he didn't. Robustious is a real word. I never would have guessed it.

  2. Sally's Sarah Palin/Larry King video is one of the most hilarious! Really glad you included it in your post, Julie.


  3. Sally,
    Thanks to some comments made in the past, my blog is on comment moderation. I approve them as soon as I'm able.
    I love your Larry King/Palin video!! :)