Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

As many others have mentioned, this is the typical Nicholas Sparks book. However, I believe it to be one of my favorites!

Logan has been discharged from the Marines after 3 harrowing trips to Iraq. Each time, he unfortunately left a few of his buddies behind. There is a running joke that Logan has made a deal with a higher power because he is in the thick of danger yet is never injured. Could it be the picture?

Beth is a quiet, southern lady who is content in her life as a single mom, school teacher, and caregiver to Nana. Beth spends her time taking care of the kennels while Nana is recovering from her stroke. Beth loves the animals, her son, and Nana and will do anything to keep life on an even keel. Until *he* shows up...

She doesn't want to hire a long-haired hippie who has walked all the way to North Carolina from Colorado. Why is he here? What is a college educated man doing wanting a minimum paying job out in the middle of nowhere?

This is great read. If you're lucky, you'll figure out the twists and turns that Sparks takes you down as you learn about Logan, Beth, Ben, Nana, and others. I wasn't so lucky and found the ending to be a bit of a surprise.

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