Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living Healthy and Well

I am really trying my best this year to live as healthy as I can. This is not just my physical health, but also spiritual, emotional, mental, and social. One thing I'm doing to help my physical health is to take Advocare supplements. Advocare is a nutritionally based company out of Dallas, Texas that specializes in providing the top of the line products to their consumers. Many of the Olympic athletes who participated in the Beijing games this past summer are current users of Advocare products.

One of my favorite products are Max 3, which are your regular daily vitamins, plus some additional supplements to give you energy (ephedra free!) and appetite control. I also use Rehydrate, which is great after a work-out or blood donation, Clear Mood (keeps me naturally happy!), and Carb-Ease which helps to control my carbohydrate intake. As a nurse, I feel these products are 100% safe because of the research behind them. We have some of the cream of the crop in physicians who approve every single product before it goes to market. Not only that, they are resources that Advisors in Advocare can call and speak to should a particular question arise that has not been addressed in print. I trust this company with my life!

Spiritually, I'm trying really hard to put more focus into my Bible studies and prayer life. So many things have occurred in the past month that have brought me to my knees and I realize that life is so much easier with Christ at my side. With that being said, I'd appreciate your prayers! I know prayers work and have experienced the power of prayer on many occassions.

I know that with these two previously mentioned focuses, the rest of my life will fall into play where it should.

Should you have any questions about Advocare or my spiritual beliefs, please feel free to let me know!! I'd love to discuss it!

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