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When God Says "Wait": Navigating life's detours without losing your faith, your friends, or your mind by Elizabeth Laing Thompson

When God Says When God Says "Wait": navigating life’s detours and delays without losing your faith, your friends, or your mind by Elizabeth Laing Thompson
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It's not often that I read a non-fiction book, simply because I find that I enjoy a lot of fiction books. However, this one came across as one that I could really use and it was. This devotional book was written from a female perspective for females mainly. I can see where it would benefit male readers as well.

Utilizing popular Bible stories, Elizabeth Laing Thompson uses Miriam, Sarah, Hannah, Naomi, David, Jacob, Ruth, Mary, Gideon, Joseph, Martha, and Abraham to explain how sometimes in our lives, God does say, "Wait". Each of these Biblical people faced uncertain dilemmas in life and had to wait for the right time before receiving answers they were searching for.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book include:

"When battles change us, even wound us, we can use our scars for good: They are reminders of God's power in our weakness."

" a life where he is in that moment."

"The ability to comfort others who are going through a similar trial. The ability to sympathize--and strongly."

"Never forget this: Our suffering becomes our story. God's nos are a much a part of our testimony as His yeses."

There is also great advice given in this book. Something I often struggle with is remaining positive, especially when it feels like the world is crumbling down around you. The author suggests to write down three things that happened in a positive way or three ways you saw God at work. Do this daily before going to bed each night. Focus on these things and keep your mind from wandering to the negative, especially before bedtime, but also to help you wake up refreshed and more positive for the coming day.

I appreciate how the author used these situations we read of in the Bible to remind me that, first of all, I'm not alone. Waiting can be so hard, no matter what it is you may be waiting on. Secondly, this book helped me to refocus my thoughts on Biblical matters and I found a deeper connection with these people by re-reading their stories and struggles. Third, I found this book to be very encouraging. Not only will it have you spending more time in the Word, but also reflecting on different situations you and your loved ones may be facing. Be encouraged to know that whatever it is you are going through, you are not alone in the wait. It can seem like it at times but remaining faithful and true to the Lord will reap bountiful rewards in the end.

I do hope that you will find encouragement in this post! I would recommend this to anyone hurting from the wait of your answer. I encourage you to have your Bible handy and read these accounts from the Bible, then read the devotional and commentary on each situation and apply it to your life. Be prayerful while reading this as well....I found myself having an even more active prayer life during the reading of this book and even since then. Finally, reach out to someone to pray for you, encourage you, whatever you're not in this alone!!

Thank you to Barbour Publishing and the author for a complimentary review copy made available to me on What you have read are my honest thoughts and opinions on this book.

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