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The Master's Wall by Sandi Rog

The Master's WallThe Master's Wall by Sandi Rog
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Sandi Rog has a way of grabbing her reader's attention right off! "David tried not to cry, tried not to breathe or make a sound as he crept along the dark street." What could be bothering David so?

As it turns out, David's parents were being abducted and punished for their belief in Yeshua. Set in Rome in AD 76, David is scrambling to try to save his parents. Not only is he unable to save his parents, he is sold into slavery. He spends many years in the household of Aloysius, being trained by the a slave named Titus. He learns many ways of fighting, as well as how to juggle and entertain his master.

David isn't the only youngster in Aloysius's palace. There are many other children, including a young girl named Alethea. Alethea befriends David, against proper social customs and they become very close friends. Alethea had come from a line of grief herself, seeing her grandfather, Aloysius, take her father's life for believing in Yeshua.

The relationship between David and Alethea is a difficult one for many reasons and the struggles they faced in their friendship bring about many emotions. I enjoyed seeing how this story played out for all the characters involved!!

There are many, many things I love about this novel!! First and foremost, the fact that the gospel can and is alive and well throughout this novel was very refreshing! My favorite scene in the book takes place between Alethea and Ace!! David is, by far, my favorite character in this book!! He reminds me of some of my favorite Biblical characters....the shepherd boy David as he faces the giants in his life, Daniel for his refusal to bend to the will of the rulers of the land, and Jacob in that he worked for many years trying to gain freedom for the one he loved.

The underlying theme of this book is forgiveness. This is something that I really struggle with at times, as I am sure some of you do as well. What I love the most about this book is that no matter the struggle, David shows true forgiveness. This book has really challenged me over these past few days to work even harder with the issues that I have been dealing with that still require some work. Forgiveness can be a difficult thing to grant someone, especially when the hurt runs very deep. The Bible does teach us to forgive and Christ gave us the ultimate example of forgiveness when he hung on that cross and DIED for our sins.

This book is one that can wrap you up and have you literally so engrossed that life around you may seem a blur! It's not a "happy feel good" book all the way through. There are dark moments, there are lighter moments, there are moments that will make you so angry you want to scream, some will make you want to laugh or cry. In the end, this book is one that you don't want to miss out on. It could very well change your life and your outlook on it.

Thank you, Sandi Rog for a very well-written book! I look forward to reading Yeshua's Bridge and Out of the Ashes soon!

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! If you think this book is about forgiveness, just wait till you read Yahshua's Bridge. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed The Master's Wall. It will always be my favorite.