Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Soul Painter by Cara Luecht

Soul PainterSoul Painter by Cara Luecht
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm probably going to be digesting this book for awhile!!! It's one of those that will stick with you for awhile.

We first meet Miriam, a very intriguing character, who hides behind the inner walls of her warehouse. She only comes out at night, in the fog. Everyone points and stares when they see her. She is also an accomplished painter and spends her time (when not wandering in the fog) painting faces. Her paintings are as mysterious as she is. She also never seems to finish a painting.

John is set to take his holy vows in the next few weeks. There is something about "Mary" (his name for Miriam until he learns otherwise) that draws him to look for her. What is it that she is lacking in her life that he may be able to help fulfill? She never comes to church but seems to be always looking for something.

Ione is a bright, young girl who is working hard to provide for her family. She would do anything for them! She makes some choices that lead her to being in need of Miriam and John's help. Will she ever be able to forgive herself and make things right again?

Michael, Miriam's solicitor, also finds that he has a need for John, Ione, and Miriam as well. They will all work together to solve a series of crimes in the town that are occurring that the police want to overlook. What will the paintings reveal in the end?

I do want to caution parents that this book would be more suitable for very mature readers. There are some very dark scenes/story lines that some might find offensive. The writer has created a very realistic story that could take place in any location, not just Chicago in 1891!

Many thanks to the publisher, White Fire Publishing, the author, Cara Luecht, and the Christian Fiction Book Alliance for providing a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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