Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On My Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

For quite some time now, I've really neglected my physical health. I have always struggled to maintain a figure and a couple of years ago, I sought out a nutritionist. She's fantastic and at one point, I had lost almost 30 pounds with her. I looked great and felt so much better...until I got sick. More accurately, I became severely stressed out with my job and life in general. It would take them 6 months, multiple tests, and several specialists to diagnose me with "STRESS". During that time, I gained all my weight back and then some.

I have a doctor's appointment coming up at the end of this week. A couple of weeks ago, "just for fun", I weighed myself. Never in my life have I weighed this much. I decided it was time to do something about it! I went back to my nutritionist and she gave me a VERY specific diet, tailored to my needs. I ate the same thing every day last week while telling myself that I would eat dirt if it would help me lose weight. I lost 5 pounds last week. I also started working out again. I have two left feet but I LOVE to Zumba!! I also enjoy the challenge that Jillian Michael's gives me! . I feel so much better about myself and look forward to reaching my ultimate goal....to lose 50 pounds by May 2012. I would post the specific date if I knew what day my graduation from my EdS program was, but I have not heard the official date yet.

One thing I have felt that I can't live without is pasta. I LOVE PASTA! I could eat it for every meal but my nutritionist says I can't have it until I lose another 10 pounds. However, she mentioned I could have spaghetti squash. Hmmm....I've never had that, but OK! If it works and curbs my craving, I'll try it. So, tonight, I made some spaghetti squash with homemade sauce (no added salt tomato paste, tri colored bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper, and some basil). It was fantastic! It worked! It tastes just like spaghetti! I wanted to share the pictures with you as I also had some other veggies. In total, this meal was 415 calories after adding in the 4 oz of grilled chicken!

What have you done to be healthy lately?

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  1. I hope you keep us posted on your progress. I too need to have a more healthier lifestyle. I need to eat better and to add exercise to my daily activities AND lose about 50 pounds. Good luck in reaching your goal! I will be starting my regime mid-August after I get home from vacation. I don't want to feel defeated before I even start so my goal is to start when I return.

    Julie @ My Only Vice