Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Light At Winter's End by Julia London

A Light at Winter's EndA Light at Winter's End by Julia London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wynn is still trying to recover from the blow that was dealt to him and Macy last year...Macy's first husband "returning from the dead" after being a prisoner of the Taliban and reported dead by the Army. Not only that, Macy is pregnant with their child. Gracie is a beautiful little girl who Wynn is completely enamored with.

Holly and Hannah have just lost their mother. Hannah is all over Holly for never helping take care of their mother and is even more upset when she finds out everything has been left to Holly. She never amounted to anything spectacular so Hannah can't figure it all out. After all, what good is a songwriter who jumps from job to job? Hannah is married to a successful lawyer and her life is on the up and up....or is it?

Hannah rushes over to her sister Holly's house (when was the last time they talked? Oh, right, the funeral when Hannah chewed Holly out for everything) and dumps off her adorable son Mason. Hannah needs Holly to watch her kid but won't give her any specifics for anything. Holly doesn't know the first thing about taking care of a child! How can Hannah do this to her? Holly can't figure it all out...where to keep Mason in her small studio apartment, how to continue to work, and how to shut him up when he cries.

Holly decides to take Mason to her mom's old house. There is more room and she will be able to write her songs there. She runs into Wyatt and suddenly, her life isn't so bad.

I have always loved Julia London's books for my "guilty pleasure" reading. She weaves beautiful love stories and this one was particularly inspiring. I look forward to reading even more of her stories!

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