Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diagnosis Death by Richard Mabry

Diagnosis Death (Prescription for Trouble Series #3)Diagnosis Death by Richard L. Mabry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"What God has done in the past is both a model and a promise of what He will do in the future; but He's too creative to do the same thing the same way twice."

Elena has had a tough time of things with Marc's recent stroke. She knows he'll never recover so the hard decisions are made. After all, she knows what the future looks like for him...she almost finished with her residency. How will she go on without him?

Dr. Cathy Sewell (you might remember her from the first book in this series, Code Blue) is very pregnant and in need of someone to keep her practice running while she's out on maternity leave. Can she find a reputable doctor to handle her practice in Dainger, TX?

I do believe this is my favorite Richard L. Mabry book to date! It is fast-paced, intense, full of suspense and mystery and will keep you on the edge of your seat! I'm a little sad that this series is ending with this book. I look forward to more great works from Dr. Mabry! He has a way with words that put you right there at the scene. I could smell the hospital smells, hear the beeps, buzzes, and whistles, and the excitement that occurs in an ICU setting. Some of those could be my nursing background but I truly believe in this story. The intensity of it keep the story moving very quickly and I read it in no time at all! The characters are believable and Elena's story just about ripped my heart out!

I highly recommend this book to lovers of medical mysteries! I do not believe you would be disappointed in this series, Prescription for Trouble!

I acquired this book on NetGalley. I appreciate the publisher for providing it for review!

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