Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Bound by Guilt by CJ Darlington

Bound by GuiltBound by Guilt by C.J. Darlington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the most inspiring book I've read this year! CJ Darlington is a master at the craft of writing! At the age of 15, she wrote her first book Thicker than Blood. Jerry B. Jenkins noticed her talent too, especially after winning his First Novel contest!

Roxi has had a rough life. At the age of eight, the fast lane became too slow for Roxi's mom and she was sent to a foster home after an unfortunate accident left Roxi scarred for life. Bouncing from home to home, no one ever wanted Roxi long. After doing some time in Juvie, Roxi's mom's cousin Irene was located and agreed to take Roxi in. Irene, Diego (her son) and Roxi took some pretty exciting adventures around the country in their RV. They went to places Roxi had never dreamed of seeing in person! Irene was also using these kids though to help support their travels. They would seek out old, antiquated, first edition books and lift them from the hands of the bookstore owners. It wasn't until they happened upon The Book Barn that Roxi started to REALLY feel shame and guilt over her "profession". One fateful night changed it all.

Abby is still reeling over her divorce and the fact that Michael doesn't let her see Kat as much as she'd like. She's so upset about it all that she twists the mayor's wife's hands a little too much during her arrest and finds herself with a two week suspension from the police force. Now what will she do with her time?

Hunter and Christy have their whole lives ahead of them. Everything is going well with the business and their wedding plans are coming together nicely. Love is all they need to survive and they have plenty of it. The only dream being squelched right now is that Hunter's dad will hear nothing of expanding and adding in a coffee shop!

Jan and Keith are drowning themselves into their work after their son, Trae, was killed. Can they ever open their hearts again and find a way to move on? Their ranch is their life but at what cost to them?

This book weaves together the lives of all these people through a series of twists and suspenseful turns. It is a hard book to put down for any length of time! This book demonstrates unconditional love in times when it's not deserved or even possibly wanted. Forgiveness is also demonstrated in ways beyond imagine and the character of Gordon, even though small, is not insignificant in this story.

Will Roxi find peace or forever be....Bound By Guilt?

Thanks to CJ Darlington and Tyndale House Publishers for providing this review copy to read. To learn more about our author and to read other opinions, check out the post from Tuesday.

Happy reading my friends!

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